COPT HOWE - An important new
rock art site discovered in Cumbria.

Recent fieldwork by Paul and Barbara Brown (of Darlington) has led to the discovery of a major rock art site near Chapel Stile, Great Langdale in the lake district, an area previously not regarded as "rock art country".
The added significance of this site is its location in the valley leading to the Langdale Pikes - an important quarry site for stone axes in the Neolithic period.




The large boulder of volcanic andesitic tuff has a variety of carvings on its east vertical face, including multiple concentric rings (most without a central cup mark), along with channels forming linear and rectangular motifs, plus a pecked triangle and several cupmarks etc. (See larger pics below).

Thanks to Paul and Barbara for providing information plus photographs and permission to include them on the website. (note Paul Brown retains the copyright on the photographs).

More details on the site can be found in the CBA North Journal No16, winter 1999.

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As this is an important new site the original hi- res (large) images are included below