Rock carvings on The North York Moors.

EGTON - Purse Moor

This cup marked boulder was discovered by Mr Chris Evans (of Brompton) in February 2000. Located in a field of rough grassland alongside Purse moor, the stone also lies alongside a double ditched earthwork known as Park Dykes which was built to enclose a medieval park but it is possible that it may have incorporated an existing prehistoric earthwork given the proximity of the carved rock, while nearby in the same field there are several low stoney mounds, possibly the remains of cairns.

There are extensive views from this site and interestingly the Allan Tofts site can be clearly seen on the opposite side of the valley (see larger pic below), we had previously speculated that rock carvings might be present in this area, but on a previous visit to the cairn group on Murk Mire Moor we only noted a single cup mark on a boulder in one of the cairns.


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