Yorkshire Rock Art

Customs, folklore and associated beliefs.
Part 1 - The Fertility stone, The Tree of Life stone, The Witch's stone.
Part 2 - The Lemmington wood rune stone.
Part 3 - Cupmarks in churchyards & Greystones.
Part 4 -Extracts from the journals of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (text only).
Part 5 - The Giants Lapstone.


ADEL CHURCHYARD - The circular crossbase (shown right) now lies in Adel churchyard on the outskirts of Leeds, although originally it may have supported a wayside cross elsewhere in the district. The stone has several eroded cup marks including one with a concentric ring and a channel leading from the central cup. The position of the carvings suggests an intentional re-use of a cup and ring marked rock incorporating its symbols into a Christian monument. (See part 4 for Scottish parallels.)
WHARFEDALE CHURCHYARD - Several large boulders form the headstones of this family grave in a churchyard in Wharfedale. The smaller boulder to the left of the group has several cup marks and an arrangement of channels on its upper surface. The selection of a cup marked boulder to form part a recent funerary structure echoes their use in Bronze age barrows and again suggests that some reverence for the symbols survived in this region.
The GREYSTONE - There are several cup and ring marked rocks bearing the name "Greystone", the one shown right is on Weston moor to the north of Otley. Another is at Harewood (see west Yorks page). While there are cup marked Greystones on Barningham moor in Teesdale.
The use of the word "grey" to describe these stones is probably an acknowledgement of the carved stone's antiquity, (grey = ancient/aged) rather than referring to the stones colour.

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