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Yorkshire Rock Art

A comprehensive guide to North East Yorkshire’s prehistoric rock carvings. 

By Paul Brown and Graeme Chappell   

Graeme Chappell and Paul Brown have been studying the prehistoric rock art in Northern Britain for over ten years and have discovered a significant number of new sites. Brief details of some of their work in North East Yorkshire can be found on the Yorkshire Rock art website.  

This new book will, for the first time, provide in-depth detail of the rock art in this region, from the newly discovered sites, to the re-locating of rock art previously noted in antiquarian and archaeological reports of the late nineteenth and twentieth century.  Much of the rock art has proved difficult to locate, with many of the sites submerged beneath the wide heather-covered moorlands, typically found on the North Yorks Moors. 

The book will be compiled by Barbara Brown, who has also contributed to the research with the discovery of a number of new sites within the Moors and Dales.  

The publication will provide a comprehensive bibliography and a full inventory of sites and rock carvings, including earthfast, portable and "barrow" rock art.  Up to date information from sites and monument records and museum collections.  Detailed maps and drawings together with colour and monochrome photographs.  
This volume will present an integral and balanced account of the presence of rock carvings in the landscape for everyone interested in this fascinating subject.  

In order to make the forthcoming book a complete  record of the rock art in this region the authors invite any one who has any information they would like to contribute to this publication, with details or photographs, new and old, of rock carvings and sites within the North East Yorkshire area that we may be unaware of, please email us at this web site.  We will be happy to include these within the publication, duly acknowledged.


Graeme and Paul.

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