Rock carvings in western Yorkshire

To the south-east of Pateley Bridge, on the higher ground over looking the river Nidd valley, lay a group of 10 cup and ring marked rocks. The carving shown here is one of the more interesting and is located on top of a large free standing boulder, nearby are several more carvings mostly consisting of simple cup marks on outcrop rock.


This interestingly named stone is situated on a farm to the south-east of Pateley Bridge. Its locations in common with many other carved rocks in this region appears to have been chosen to allow extensive views out over the surrounding country.
Although built into the base of a tumbled drystone wall it has suffered greatly from erosion, and from the hoofs of passing cattle as they use the gap in the wall as a gate way. It is interesting to speculate that given the name of the carved rock perhaps a superstitious cattle owner would want their stock to cross the stone? (see Folklore and associated beliefs pages).






Brimham rocks is the name given to a large isolated group of fantastically weathered rock formations. Pillars of rock eroded into unusual shapes have been given names such as the "dancing bear", "the anvil" and "the Eagle".
It appears that these strangely shaped rocks have attracted peoples attention for millennia - as shown by this very eroded carving less than 300m west of Brimham rocks. (In the 1930's another carved rock was also found nearby and later removed to Leeds museum).

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