Rock carvings in western Yorkshire

Within the western region of Yorkshire there are a number of areas where cup and ring marked rocks have been discovered, with the largest concentration in Yorkshire being located on Rombalds Moor. The Ilkley Archaeological group have for many years undertaken extensive fieldwork recording these rock carvings and have also published a gazetteer covering many of the sites in the area.
The map below shows the general distribution of sites in the region and also shows that they tend to follow the edges of the river valleys (rivers Aire, Nidd, Washburn and Wharfe).

Sites shown in red ........

  1. Rombalds moor. (Text + images) 
    Ilkley Moor (images kindly provided by Andy Hemingway)
  2. Rivock Edge. (no information at present)
  3. Baildon Moor. (Text + images)
  4. Snowden carr. Text +images)
    Askwith moor. (Text + images)
  5. Eller Wood. (Text + images)
  6. Middleton Moor. (no information at present)
  7. Pateley Bridge. (Text + images)
  8. Skipton Moor. (no information at present)
  9. Otley Chevin. (Text + images)
  10. Brimham Rocks. (See Pateley Bridge page above.)
  11. Denton Moor. (See Askwith Moor page above.)
  12. Harewood. (Text + images)
  13. Spofforth. (See Harewood page above.)

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